This is Why Faze Clan Recruited Mongraal…


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This video is proof of why mongraal was recruited to faze clan! Last video was 2 high kill games in the solid gold LTM by Faze Mongraal! With the prior being a boxfight wager including Faze Mongraal, SEN Bugha, and Faze Dubs against Faze Sway! Recently I was able to place in the Winter Royale, World Cup and Solo Cash Cups! For Funny Fortnite Moments, Fortnite Fails, Tips Fortnite Related, and How to Win Money Playing Fortnite i recommend stopping by my stream on Twitch for some Fortnite Live! Fortnite Season 11/ Fortnite Chapter 2 has Had few Fortnite Event (s) however im ready for whats next!