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Hey Guys,
Welcome to my Youtube Channel,
I’m Jonathan Amaral, you might know me as Jonathan Gaming.
I started my professional Esports Career competing in Pubg Mobile Championships (Now BGMI),
Since the start of my career, I have been consistent with my gameplay and always been working hard to achieve my goals via winning Domestic/Global Championships.
“The only player you should try to be better than is the player you were yesterday.”
I Stream BGMI regularly, I also enjoy playing Valorant and other fun games once in a while!
I upload videos regarding Tutorials for BGMI, Funny Highlights, Intense Fights, Crate Openings, Vlogs, etc.

• About •
→ Name – Jonathan Amaral
→ Age – 20
→ Profession – Content Creator, Streamer and eSports Athlete

• Social Media Handles •
→ Rooter – https://rooter.sng.link/D46b2/p641?pcid=2015019433
→ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ig_jonathangaming
→ Discord – https://discord.gg/jonathan
→ Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNoiWmvkDUL0q-6ECxNFH0Q
→ Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/ig_jonathan16

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• Copyright © 2021 JONATHAN GAMING – All Rights Reserved. •