So I Tested PRO Fortnite TIPS In Champions League… (THEY WORKED!)

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In this video I go into champions league arena and test PRO controller tips to see if they make me better. These tips come from some of the smartest people in the fortnite community like Kenbeans, Jivan, Teckoh, and a bunch more! Enjoy!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:13 – 1st Tip
0:47 – 2nd Tip
2:27 – 3rd Tip
3:27 – 4th Tip
4:20 – 5th Tip
4:47 – 6th Tip
4:59 – 7th Tip
5:53 – 8th Tip
6:16 – 9th Tip
6:33 – 10th Tip

Title: So I Tested PRO Fortnite TIPS In Champions League… (THEY WORKED!)
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