Overwatch | Seoul Dynasty VS New York Excelsior | Overwatch League Preseason Highlight ft Pine Widow

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This Overwatch gameplay highlights the Seoul Dynasty versus the New York Excelsior at the Overwatch League Preseason. Featuring some sick shots by Pine and Fleta on Widowmaker, this match certainly had elements that lived up to its hype.

Both Seoul and NYXL are hyped up to be the top contenders at the Overwatch League, as they have been formed by the former Lunatic-Hai and LW BLUE rosters (respectively).

The Overwatch League Preseason features the best players in the world, including Dallas Fuel’s Taimou, EFFECT, Seagull, Seoul Dynasty’s Ryujehong, Miro, London Spitfire’s Birdring, Rascal, Profit, among others.

오버워치 리그 서울 다이나스티 뉴욕 엑셀시어 류제홍 플레타 파인 미로 새별비 윈스턴 트레이서 위도우메이커 아나

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