Overwatch Season 8: Tracer Main Competitive Gameplay Live! #5

Let’s play Overwatch competitive LIVE with Fec!

Season 8 has just begun, and Fec has already made it to master! It would seem that Blizzard’s changes to the SR system for Diamond and above players is working out after all. And with a big Mercy nerf and a small Junkrat nerf, who knows what’s in store for the rest of the season? One thing is for sure, though: for a Tracer main, things are looking good.

Win or lose, every new match is an experience to learn and to grow. Finding new ways to better yourself as a player and a team mate is the key to growth and happiness in Overwatch.

Are you a pro Tracer or aspiring to become one? Feel free to ask questions or provide critiques.

“Be Right Back!” music by Toxic Eternity! This guy is just an awesome dude who shreds on guitar and uploads new video game covers every week. Be sure to visit him here:

Discord: https://discord.gg/YMCfNn4
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