Overwatch: MASSIVE Genji BUFFS! – Echo & Moira NERFED!

HUGE buffs coming through to Hanzo and Genji, actually massive changes to both damage breakpoints as well as Genji’s dueling now that he can cancel deflect at will, Moira gets her dueling lowered which also helps genji while getting a small healing buff and echo’s range gets reigned in slightly, nerfed by 4m. All these changes are playable on the Experimental card and with so few, you can bet most if not all will be coming to the live game before long.

Intro 00:00
Echo Nerf 00:12
Genji Buff 00:37
Hanzo Buff 02:14
Moira Nerf 03:15
Indirect Ult Charge Buff 03:55

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