Overwatch: Hammond vs. Wrecking Ball – Season 11 SAVES Ranked

The community are up in arms! Wrecking Ball is a fairly lame name and most want to call the adorable super intelligent mech wielding hamster by his name Hammond, not his alter Junker ego Wrecking Ball. You’re either with us or against us, you’re either a cool Hammond or one of those people who call him Wrecking Ball. LUL. Not the biggest issue in the world, but a fun discussion nonetheless. Furthermore, a lot of players in the community aren’t too hyped for the playstyle wackiness of Hammond’s high flying gameplay. I think though, when you learn to play him, you’re going to really enjoy the speed and playmaking he can do, but also realize how hard he gets shut down by a few heroes as well. The other major community talking about right now, is about all the aspects of Season 11 to do with social features. Higher ranks have some trouble finding groups and there’s a few additions to the filters the community would like, especially one for public profiles as attempting to sneak in to play DPS when you’ve never played it before isn’t something a lot of players want in their group. If you enjoyed the video be sure to leave it a like! Also check out J3sus linked below!

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