Overwatch: Hammond Counters & Synergies – Wrecking Ball Meta Discussion

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Hammond has rolled his way onto the Overwatch gameplay servers recently and he will be swinging onto the ranked playlist before we know it. This video breaks down the upcoming surgeries and how to counters to look out for, especially in light of the changes that we know are still coming. The recent patch brought us a lot, but remember, further nerfs to Hanzo and a host of support buffs including lucio and ana who both should play a pivotal role in putting mobility cooldowns back into being one of the strongest aspects of Overwatch gameplay. Wrecking ball is incredible difficult to play, however when his impact is realized, we’ll all be well aware of how big of an impact he can have in teamfights, especially in the unique way he can do it. No other dive tank can quite perform the speed of initiation he sets up, especially not combined with his piledriver cc ability, which is far more useful for securing frags eliminations in comparison to Dva and Winston who know people away when they hit them. If you enjoyed the video and found it useful, be sure to leave it a like!

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