Overwatch: Dafran Trolls the WORLD! – Calvin Turned Down $150,000

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In today’s news roundup we discuss whether or not the great Dafran debacle is a massive troll or an actual leak that he’s getting picked up for the Overwatch league expansion team in Atlanta. He denies it currently, but also clues point to it being legitimate and it doesn’t seem outlandish that he’d still troll even if he actually was indeed signed. Aimbotcalvin as well admitted to turning down a hefty contract that dwarfs the likes of the 100k contract that was covered everywhere for sinatra early last season, Calvin claims to have been offered and turned down $150,000 to play in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. Also covered today, the Overwatch World Cup Blizzcon round of 8 bracket has been drawn and some heavy hitters are lop siding the righthand side IN MY OPINION. Also, huge news for console players, Xbox is indeed getting mouse and keyboard support, so no need for XIMs anymore and we’d expect PS4 to follow suit as well. The feature will let developers decide what type of input their game allows, or even restrict the queue based on device, but with such a contentious change upcoming, im sure players will have a lot to say about it. If you enjoyed the video, please be sure to leave it a like!

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