Overwatch: Best Piano Players Paris PTR (Running in the 90s, Sandstorm, Mario Bros. Theme & More)

Overwatch’s new Paris map on the PTR has working pianos that you can play by shooting them. Now that players have had a few days to practice they’ve come up with some more advanced songs to play. This is a compilation with some of the best I’ve found.

0:00 Super Mario Bros. Theme https://youtu.be/NUimR2M5DTw
0:36 Running in the 90s https://redd.it/am0tpq
1:00 Harry Potter Hedwig’s Theme https://youtu.be/fNFvNgY3bIM
1:40 The Entertainer https://youtu.be/kD_QRDazid4
2:23 Tetris Theme https://youtu.be/BA2GxG6HN7c
3:06 Fantaisie Impromptu https://redd.it/alu51q
3:32 Baby Shark https://youtu.be/hZIprMBvrN0
3:52 Eiffel 65 Blue https://youtu.be/vLBQH1Q_4K4
4:10 Megalovania https://youtu.be/2OGZqdGOvSQ
4:52 Darude Sandstorm https://redd.it/alyfna