[NP] 2023 PMGC League | Group Yellow Day 4 | PUBG MOBILE Global Championship

Survival Stage aghi 2023 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship League Group Yellow Day 4 last group stage hunecha! It might be last but not least kina bhane hamile dekhne chau World kai greatest PUBG MOBILE team haru jo ladne chhan 2023 PMGC Grand Finals ma afno spot secure garna, to be the one!

2023 PMGC Format ko barema janna tapai sabai interested ta hunu huncha hola, so here are some key points:
– PMGC 2023 ko League Stage 4-week event hunecha, ra yo stage bata qualify hune top team haru İstanbul, Türkiye ma Decemeber 8 dekhi 10 samma hune PMGC Grand Finals ko lagi qualify hunechan.
– Sahabhagi 48 team haru lai group draw ka adhar ma Green, Red ra Yellow gari 3 groups ma badhine cha, ra team haru yehi group bhitra compete garne chhan.
– Harek group ko Top 3 teams direct Finals ko lagi qualify hune chhan.
– 4th dekhi 11th position ka team haru Survival stage ma prabesh garne chhan, ra baki ko team competition bata bahirine chhan.
– Baki raheka 24 ota team compete garne chhan ra tyaha bata Top 16 team PMGC League: Last Chance ko lagi qualify hunechan.
– Last Chance bata Top 5 teams Ülker Sports & Event Hall, İstanbul ma hune Grand Finals ko lagi qualify hune chhan.

Which teams will prove they deserve to qualify for the 2023 PMGC Grand Finals? Share your guesses and wishes in the chat!

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💰Total Prize Pool: $3,000,000

🗓️ PMGC League Schedule: 02 – 26 Nov
🗓️ PMGC League Group Yellow: 16 – 19 Nov
🗓️ PMGC Grand Finals: 8-9-10 Dec

🏆 Group Yellow Teams 🏆

4Merical Vibes
Bigetron Red Villains
Dplus KIA
DRS Gaming
Genesis Esports
Influence Rage
Team Queso
Vampire Esports
Weibo Gaming

Daily Map Rotation
Match ⚔️1: Sanhok
Match ⚔️2: Erangel
Match ⚔️3: Erangel
Match ⚔️4: Erangel
Match ⚔️5: Miramar
Match ⚔️6: Miramar

📍League Stage Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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