NEW Overwatch 2 LEAK! – Serious OW2 Concerns

A leak has surfaced indicating that the Overwatch League is going to delay its start of the 2021 Season which seems to indicate towards a release window for Overwatch 2 and add evidence to the previous leaks of a beta likely at the Feb Blizzcon. This is all good news however with how good the state of Overwatch is right now [see our or Seagull’s video on the subject] OW2 could do more harm than good if Blizzard isn’t careful and returns to their old mistakes one large one being chasing meta diversity for variety’s sake while losing control of the core of the game. With news of OWL attempting to sync onto the hype train of the OW2 release, I certainly hope that the game balance doesn’t attempt to attack OWL when the game is in such a good state for the average player. Add bans instead, or anything to counteract the difference in coordination between full team pro play in a multi-map series and the average solo queue game of Overwatch, that’d be great. If you enjoyed this video please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to hit subscribe and click the bell icon to actually get notified when our videos go live!

00:00 Intro
00:09 OWL Delay hints Overwatch 2 Release Date
01:30 Soldier 76 Camera Shake Fix
01:47 FREE Contenders Skins
02:22 How Blizzard Can Avoid Overwatch 1 Failures in OW2
04:02 Overwatch 2 May Have HUGE Changes
04:55 How to Avoid Poor Game Balance
06:20 How to Improve the Workshop
07:12 OWL Drama after teams drop LOTS of Players
09:42 OWL Pros Break Overwatch, that’s their job

OW2 release date OWL rumors
Reduced Camera Shake
Contenders skins
Seagull Agrees OW in its best state

Seagull wants players union for OWL

Podcast with SVB Map and mode debate

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