My Fears for Bioshock 3 , Bioshock 4 , or New Bioshock | My Fears for a Brand New Bioshock

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What’s going on Rapture Family? In today’s video, we’re going to be doing another speculation video on Bioshock 3, Bioshock 4, or a New Bioshock… whatever they decided to name the damn thing lol. Anyways, I’ll be discussing my overall Fears for this potential game and I’d appreciate your input down in the comments as well. What are your Fears for Bioshock 3, Bioshock 4, or a New Bioshock? I’m interested in finding out. As always, if you want to help the Rapture Family grow, would you kindly SUBSCRIBE to not miss another video? Would you kindly SHARE the CONTENT to help our community grow? And finally, would you kindly FOLLOW me on TWITTER to stay up to date with me or chat in general. Thank you for watching today’s Bioshock video. I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll talk to you in the next one.

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