My all time record healing game – Overwatch

In this week’s episode, we go into overtime. These games were recorded on July 3rd, 2018.

I have my own Discord and you are invited to join! (We have cakes, balloon animals, cute Mercy emotes, and are Mercy-main friendly! ^^)

I mostly duoqueue competitive with Buckle, you can find him over at

If you need me to see/read/answer something, please ask me on Twitter. I read all my Twitter @mentions!

I don’t think these matter a lot, but I keep getting asked about:
– my control layout, you can find it here:
– my Mercy settings, you can find them here:
– my mouse sensitivity: I use 1.97 in-game sense at 1600 DPI. About 17 inches per 360.
– for recording, I use the “Instant Replay” feature from the NVidia GeForce Experience app (it used to be called ShadowPlay).
– for editing, I use Vegas Pro 14, and for rendering I use Vegas Pro 15.
– Yes, my all time record healing done in a game is 29.95k.

@Animetic on Twitter:
Sarahtje on Twitch:

Thumbnail background beach Mercy by trungbui42:

MBB – Happy
Tobu – Cool