Legendary Tac Shotgun vs Pump vs Combat – What’s The Best Shotgun In Fortnite?

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In this video, I compare the new legendary & epic tactical shotguns to the pump shotgun and the combat shotgun. In Patch 9.40, Epic added the new tac shotgun to the game. It does good damage and has the same fire rate as the normal tac shotguns, so everyone in the community is left with one question: what’s the best shotgun in Fortnite? The combat has reigned supreme for most of Season 9 until Epic decided to unvault the pump shotgun. Even then, most people have opted to take the combat over the pump due to its insane range, fire rate, and reload speed. But, on top of adding the new tac shotgun, Epic nerfed the combat by reducing its headshot multiplier and making its damage fall off quicker and at a shorter distance. Overall, the shotgun meta has really been shaken up in the next week. As you’ll see in the video and through the gameplay of the new tac, I give my opinion on the best shotgun and what I would pick up in game. Let me know what you guys think and what your favorite shotgun is. This video will definitely help you guys choose which shotgun to pick and tips and tricks for how to use each shotgun. Make sure to practice with all the shotguns though to become a better player, win more fights, and win more games!

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