[Hindi] PMPL South Asia Scrims S2 Day 8 | PUBG MOBILE Pro League

#PMPL South Asia Scrims Season 2 Day 8 is here! Top 20 Squads from South Asia will compete with each other for the daily prize pool of 1000$ and to keep you all entertained!!

Season 2 of PMPL South Asia Scrims has begun, This time we have daily matches with a $1000 prize pool, So that you can watch your favourite teams compete with each other! And at the end the team with the most points also wins a Jackpot of $2000!

Now each move matters! Every Team will also get a wildcard to play on Saturdays and Sundays!
A wildcard can be used only in 1 match of that day by each team. Wildcards will be of two types:
1. Place Card
If you use your wildcard as a place Card, you will be getting x1.5 place points for that match.
2. Kill Card
If you use your wildcard as a kill card, you will be getting X2 for the number of kills that you make in that match.

Shout out the team and players you support in the chat!


Match 1: Erangel
Match 2: Miramar
Match 3: Shanok
Match 4: Erangel

PMPL SA Scrims Teams:

1. TSM | Entity
2. Marcos Gaming
3. Team Hype
4. Celtz
5. Soul
6. Team Tamilas
8. VSG Crawlers
9. SynerGE
10. MegaStars
11. JyanMaara
12. UMExRxN
13. IND
14. Orange Rock
15. DeadEyes Guy
16. Fnatic
17. Powerhouse
18. GodLike
19. Team Xtreme
20. ElementriX

1st- 700$
2nd- 200$
3rd- 100$


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