Get Good, Lark – chocoTaco PUBG Gameplay

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Everyone in the #chocoTaco Twitch community knows LarkShark. He’s that lovable 12-year old (okay maybe not quite that young) who goes to a rich school and only likes to play Sanhok and isn’t very good at the game (okay that may also be a lie). I mean, he was there for The Shot – yes THE Shot, the one where choco pre-fired through a warehouse door from like 400 meters away and headshot a dude who was just passing through. He’s like everyone’s younger brother, and we all tease him but also feel fiercely protective of him, which is probably why choco tries so hard to win when LarkShark inevitably dies in the early game. I mean, he’s OUR LarkShark, not the bad man’s LarkShark, and yet the bad mans thirst him. Thus, they must die. #PUBG

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Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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