Farcry 5: Back to it – Infamous Live stream Part 3 PS4

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Hi everyone welcome to my channel! I upload my gaming highlights and do live streams, I’m a Farcry franchise fanatic those are the games I mainly stream but I do play a fair few other games too so have a browse if you wish. subscriptions are welcome but my main goal is for people to enjoy my content that’s what’s important, I don’t do shoutouts in live streams nor do I promote other channels unless I decide to make an exception, I don’t do sub for subs either, also please avoid spoilers for new games or movies that have just been released out of respect for me and my subscribers unless I say otherwise. please be friendly, any abuse will not be tolerated, this channel does contain 18+ adult material, you’ve been warned but I’m a cool and friendly guy, my subscribers are awesome people. I don’t like idiots and will ban them if necessary. But we’re all gamers so let’s just enjoy what we play and watch, peace!!…. Abaddon the knight of hell 😈🔥😈