DOOM Snapmap DOOM: Eternal Darkness Part 1

A really fun map with some cool doom style gameplay.
Author: Amnu
ID: 48PZB79M
Difficulty: Hard
Design: Brilliant (10/10)
Gameplay: Fast (8.5/10)
Fun factor: Very high (9/10)
Final verdict: A brilliant map, just a few minor things that could be changed.
Know the Author: Amnu has made many Snapmaps now over the months, and we have seen some truly incredible work by him. Amnu has had countless 10/10’s on my channel. Unfortunately, there has been some logic issues with his maps recently, but he has always spent time fixing the maps so they are playable for everyone. This shows great dedication and that he always puts 100% effort into his snapmaps. Amnu is a great author and you should check him out on snapmap!!

Thanks everyone for Watching