DMC 5 Agni & Rudra

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Hey everyone Jojo wifi here with another Devil May Cry 5 video and if you aren’t already be sure to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on all things Devil May Cry related. That being said we primarly focus on the newest
installment with under tones of the previous. For instance as the Title suggests today we are covering Agni And Rudra making an in appearence in Devil May Cry 5. That’s right the charismatic, Fan favorite Dual Blades who talk just a
little too much need to join the battle. Now for those of you unaware Agni and Rudra also known as Firestorm are Dante Devil Arms. Their first appearence being in the Firestorm Chamber taking place in Devil May Cry 3. Initially
upon meeting they are quiet curtousy until he attempts to make passage to the proceeding levels. To which they respond to by attacking him of course. Now After having been defeated the two wish to accompany Dante on his journey
and Dante reluctantly agrees. This is a rather quick summation of the events that lead to unlocking them and how they came to be but none the less the question remains. Where are they ? You would think that being such a popularly
requested weapon with cool design and awesome comedic relief with their constant barraging of questions and talking it would be a staple for games to come. However that wasn’t the case in DMC 4 and in fact Dantes aresenal was
lacking in general. Not only were Agni and Rudra not making the cut but we didn’t see a whole lot of his previous weapons return. That being a major gripe with Devil may Cry 4 with returning fans, the only redemption was more or less
Gilgamesh. That being said what happened to Agni and Rudra is a little more specific than a decision to cut back on weaponary. The loss of Agni and Rudra is actually lore point in the game that some may not be aware of