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Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro

Recorder: MI Screen Recorder

Device: Redmi Note 8 Pro


Song : TheFatRat – Rise Up

LYRICS ///// TheFatRat – Rise Up ///// LYRICS

When you feel it’s hopeless
When you think that you lost
I will take your hand and
We‘ll rise up from the dust

Here we go go go
Let us heal and grow
You won‘t be alone
We‘re unstoppable

Don’t be ‚fraid to show
What we‘re going for
This is what we know

Here we come back to life, we‘re still breathing
Standing up, everybody‘s gonna see it
Oh all you need to know is that we‘re holding on
Even if we fall
We rise up

And we follow the path that we believe in
No we‘re not gonna stop until we reach it
Oh all you need to know is that we‘re holding on
We rise up from the dust and claim our throne

We all have our reasons
Why we are on this track
We all have our burdens yeah but
We just keep on fighting and we never look back


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