chocoTaco and Kingsman Are Running Around Like Idiots – PUBG Gameplay

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#chocoTaco plays with KingsmanONV to help celebrate Kingsman’s 1-year Streamiversary. After a Hacienda hot drop, the duo drive around looting and looking for frags, but can’t seem to find anyone. Then they decide to chase some crates, and the game gets much dicier. At one point, choco declares that running around like an idiot is the best strategy for PUBG, and the end of the game certainly makes it feel that way. Ghillie suits, Grozas, and AUGs are all in play, and at one point, both choco and Kingsman lose their helmets. And what would a Miramar game be without choco proving yet again that nades are broken? #PUBG #PlayerUnknown

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Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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