Checking out All New Buddies & the Meta! (Patch 25.6) | Hearthstone Battlegrounds Update

First time checking out all the new buddies and playing in the new meta. Let’s see how this goes!

-Why I play without fight rng indicator: It’s a mental thing, makes me focus more on the game itself instead of pointless %. (here’s an explanation:
-Where am I from: I’m from Belgium! You?
-Why are you not streaming on twitch: I’ve streamed on twitch for over 4 years and still stream there often, but I like shaking things up and love the community we’ve built over here on youtube
-Why are you playing with only 2 heroes: I don’t like supporting a monetization system that locks a strict competitive advantage behind a paywall

Schedule (Brussels Timezone):
-I stream on youtube Monday – Thursday starting around 1pm CEST

I grind often on twitch:
Non-HS Channel:
You can find me on twitter:
and on instagram:
Feel free to join our discord and hang out!

Some random words for the algorithm:
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