Atomic Heart vs Far Cry 6 – Details and Physics Comparison

The best comparison between the two games Atomic Heart (2023) and Far Cry 6 (2021), I will compare the most important similarities, physics, details, textures and special places in the game. The entire video was created by myself (GameLight).

Atomic Heart is a post-World War II game where the Soviet Union becomes a utopian superpower, leading innovation in all fields of science, but most importantly robotics. The game has an open world (Not completely) and the developers are Mundfish

0:00 Dodge
0:41 Water Physics
1:24 Crash Damage
3:00 Falling into the water
4:08 Glass physics
5:20 Treatment
5:49 Car flooding
6:18 Environment
7:07 Car Damage
7:42 Thank you for watching

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