9 Things To Use As Weapons In WWE 2K Battlegrounds

9 Things To Use As Weapons In WWE 2K Battlegrounds showcases some of the games items that can be used to deal damage to your opponent. From the use of a crocodile to a car, to a motorbike to a toy hammer… There is some crazy things in WWE 2K Battlegrounds!

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Early access WWE 2K Battlegrounds content has arrived. Between now and release I’ll be releasing numerous early gameplay videos for the game, featuring a variety of things on showcase. Its important to note that the build of the game I had access to was limited to 15 superstars and only steel cage tag team and fatal four way matches. It was a preview build and not the final version that will release. For most of the videos I also wasn’t able to capture at the highest settings due to my own set-up restrictions, so the game will look visually better than what is shown.



Featured: JP – Perfect P


Outro: TeknoAXE – Rap Rock Is Dead